DistributionOur core business, the Geolink Group of Companies have been involved actively in national and local distribution for over 15 years.

With 10 full time teams and over 70 vehicles on the ground, Geolink Distribution covers Cambodia in it’s entirety.

Currently, Geolink Distribution covers over 1000 consumer outlet points nationally, from the large supermarkets, to the smaller mom and pop outlets. Our focus has been, but is not limited to, pharmaceuticals, health and beauty products, as well as food and beverage products.

We utilize 8 sub-distributors that reach out into the more remote but still vital markets within Cambodia.

Our staff is transparent, multi-lingual and strive for operational excellence. This has special meaning when you are dealing with the complexities of a third world market and assures our customers the peace of mind that everything uns smoothly and efficiently, no surprises, no potential disasters.